The types of HPV most commonly associated with the development of cervical cancer (and cancer of the penis) are 16, 18 and 31. These are not usually associated with obvious genital warts but are usually diagnosed kamagra australia when the Pap smear indicates HPV is present and then typing is done. On the other hand, the most common types associated with obvious warts are types 6 and 11, and they are rarely, if ever, associated with cancer. So, you see, there is good news as well as bad.

In men, warts may appear on the penis, scrotum, buttocks and around the anus. In women, they appear on the vulva and perineum, cervix and anus. It is unusual to find them on the vaginal walls.

Genital swab tests are now available to check men and women for a myriad of STDs, including HPV. It is well worth having these tests done periodically if you are sexually active and not monogamous (and monogamous means you are both monogamous). We’ve given the depressing association of HPV with cervical cancer in women, but we need to emphasise now that surveillance with more frequent Pap smears and colposcopy can detect changes in the cervix while they are still precancerous and often lead to cure by localised intervention, such as diathermy, laser or cryosurgery (freezing). It is likely that tests for viral typing will also become more common in the next few years. When the precancerous types of HPV are present, increased vigilance needs to persist throughout the woman’s life and her partner needs to be aware of this too. There is also an increased risk of cancer of the penis and anus, when these are affected by HPV or visible warts, but it seems that neither of these is as common as cervical cancer is in women. Condoms consistently used give good, though not complete, protection. There is also the welcome news that a vaccine effective at preventing the high-risk HPV infections is on the horizon.

Treatment Buy Canadian Viagra for genital  warts used to involve repeated visits to the doctor’s office to have them painted with podophyllin, a treatment associated with a lot of burning and discomfort, especially if it inadvertently got on to healthy skin. Podophyllin is no longer recommended for genital warts and we now have two drugs, podophyllotoxin and imiquimod, which you can apply in the privacy of your home. These are safer and more effective. More extensive warts can sometimes be treated with freezing (cryotherapy) in your doctor’s office. If you should be cursed with warts like Harry’s, which looked like broccoli around his anus, you will need to have them surgically removed.

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