It is not uncommon for men to experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. It is important for men to remember erectile can have two causes: Canadian Viagraeither physical or psychological. Erectile dysfunction is often an early indication of an adverse health condition such as heart disease, hypertension or diabetes to name just a few.

Erectile dysfunction is man’s inability to achieve and sustain an erection during sexual activity and can happen because of stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of confidence or substance abuse. When erectile dysfunction occurs, men should not just assume it is a temporary thing, but take the necessary steps to determine the cause of the problem and then take the necessary corrective measures.

There are certain risk factors that provide commonality between erectile dysfunction and certain health factors. The consequence of aging is not always erectile dysfunction, but a consequence of other diseases related to aging. Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing on many levels, but it is something that can be remedied, but first the cause must be identified.

Men who are at risk for erectile dysfunction are candidates for diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Men who suffer from stress or depression may also experience erectile dysfunction as a consequence, as well as men who smoke, consume alcohol, use recreational drugs or prescription medications – canadian pharmacy viagra at

Erectile dysfunction can strike men at any age and it can be a one time thing or become a chronic condition. It may occur after one too many cocktails or it might be an indication of something more serious such as a medical condition. It is critical the reason be properly identified before taking on a course of corrective action. The solution may be as simple as few lifestyle changes or it may be a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. Addressing medical conditions is essential when erectile dysfunction is the result of diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

Men who do not watch what they eat or drink or include exercise in their daily routine increase the risk of detrimental health concerns. Men of any age can experience erectile dysfunction, but will increase the risk with the aforementioned reasons. Diminished sexual function will occur with age and young men who undertake high risk activities, both physical and social may, at some point experience the same diminished sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction can be conquered with the right diagnosis and course of treatment. It is essential to always identify the problem with the help of a medical professional and heed any warnings and take on the course of treatment. Men should always keep in mind erectile dysfunction is treatable, but the cause has to be identified. Medical conditions found as a result must be identified and treated first. Most times, treating the medical condition will take care of erectile dysfunction.


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